• Truck Warz - August 20-12

    Truck Warz

    Coming up August 20th at the Gibraltar Trade Center North in Mount Clemens, MI will be Another fun afternoon of activities, including show and shine contest, truck pulls & burn out contests. Gates open at noon and admission is only $7.00 per person, children Under 12 Free with adult.

    Attachment 38There will be food & beverage available from the vendor areas, including beer inside the enclosed bar area. The burgers are a lot better than you'd expect from an event like this, I personally like the BBQ pork Sammitch!

    Past events have proven to be a great success, with live announcers and DJ playing music during the action. Sponsors from the area have offered there support in many ways and the effort put on by the people hosting this, shows by the enjoyment everyone seems to have while attending.

    Not everything always goes as planed though, sometimes there will be major carnage as a transfer case shatters or tires burst out into flames!Attachment 39 But isn't that what we pay to see as spectators?

    The work put into some of the trucks is just amazing, some are true show pieces, polished to the smallest detail. While others are functional workhorses with all the time spent designing and building everything the owner can come up with to put the power on the ground!

    It's a great time for all ages, young or just young at heart, we hope to see you there!

    For more information see http://truckwarz.com/
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      rizzo -
      awesome!!!! I need somem15x10 rims with 2-3 in BS.